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Basic Understanding of Astrology and Horoscopes

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While you may mock the daily horoscope of your local newspaper and call it a joke, you know that there is much more to astrology and horoscopes than generalizations of moods and possible outcomes of a specific week. In fact, true astrology is based on science as it uses real scientific knowledge on space and planets to interpret and understand character traits and events. This is not a new study and plenty of people can vouch for the reality of the influence of the stars.

You don't need more than basic understanding of astrology and horoscopes to gain something from this age old wisdom. In fact, just a few free mins in your astrology reading can be all that it takes to provide you with some clarity on issues that you've been trying to solve for a long time. But if you go for a reading, make sure to get a professional one. After all, the 100 word predictions in the magazine really are mostly guessing games. It takes a bit more to discern who you are and where you are heading.

The Basics

The astrology that is used today has its base in Hellenistic astrology which blends concepts from Babylonia and Ancient Egypt. There are other systems like the ones originating in Hindu, Thai and Chinese astrology, but when you read the weekly prediction for your star sign in a newspaper it is most likely based on the systems created by the scientist of ancient Babylonia and Egypt.

Most modern astrologists use the Hellenistic system of 12 zodiac signs. Depending on when you are born you are influenced by a specific sign, these being:

Some astrology is easy to understand. The character traits assigned to each sign fall under this category, and you will most likely find that the character traits attributed to your sign pretty much match yours. But there is much more to astrology than this. After all general character traits are just that- general, and it is not only the month that you were born in that matters. Factors like hour and minute of birth, location, gender, year, and so on will also influence your personality and the events in your life.

A skilled astrologer uses charts to figure out the impact of the sun, planets and moons on you and your life. This is an interesting process that can lead to astonishing revelations about yourself and your purpose in life.

Is Astrology a Science?

First of all, it can be debated whether astrology is a science or not. Using scientific knowledge as a base is one thing but to call it a science according to modern standards we also need some type of evidence for the accuracy of the predictions and analyzes. Talking about people's experiences is not enough since they are highly subjective. In order to call something a science we need to be able to test it to review the results.

There are studies that have shown that the claims made by astrology of people being born a certain date have certain personality traits. This is something that can be tested, hence it is scientific. UConn researcher Mark Hamilton has come to the conclusion that our personalities are influenced by the time that we are born. A statistical analysis of celebrities and their birth months showed that people born during certain seasons are more prone to become famous.

The time of year that you are born will impact your character traits which will influence how you get along with other people and what your life will look like. If you are born during the first two months of the year you are probably creative and you have a higher risk of being schizophrenic. Does this mean that all people born during January and February are crazy artists? No, of course not! There is more to the science of astrology than that.

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, you can become an astrologer yourself. With professional software you can start exploring your own birth chart and learn more about how to read the constellations correctly. This is a time consuming enterprise and it should also be noted that top astrologers have a certain sense that makes them really good at understanding the astrology readings correctly.

You're not going to become an expert on astrology by buying a CD and a handbook. It takes a lot of practice and experience to become a good reader. This is also why people who dabble a little bit on their own with charts and software eventually turn to the experts to get a real, professional reading.

How to use astrology

There are different opinions as to how astrology should be used. Some see it as a fascinating part of life but not necessarily as the ultimate truth while others won’t go a day without considering their chart and possibilities. To most it can be a wonderful help to learn more about basic personality traits and how these can be used for a better life. Astrology leads to insights into your own psyche. By taking some time to look at your horoscope together with an experienced reader you might come to new conclusions about decisions and your feelings and attitudes.

Being better aware of oneself with one’s strengths, weaknesses and preferences is important, and this is how most people use astrology today. It is certainly a tool for self-development. With the help of professional readers one does not have to understand more than the basics of astrology and horoscopes to benefit immensely from them. And don’t worry, it is perfectly fine to continue reading the ones presented in magazines and newspapers just for the fun of it, as humor is also something that makes life a lot better to live!

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