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Leo Daily Career Horoscope

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(23 Jul - 22 Aug)

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Today's Career Horoscope For Leo
Today: Saturday - June 24, 2017

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the food, but something a new client or coworker said last week finally clicks -- and you love it! This might not be the most radical notion you've ever entertained, but it will make an impact.

Tomorrow's Career Horoscope For Leo
Tomorrow: Sunday - June 25, 2017

Don't worry so much about doing what's right this time -- it'll sort itself out. Ethical considerations are always important, but right now you're chewing on the situation a little too hard. You can't pine over things you can't control.

Yesterday's Career Horoscope For Leo
Yesterday: Friday - June 23, 2017

You're physically at work but your head is in the clouds. Your peers will most likely get swept up in your mirth for a while until they sober up and realize the clock is ticking, then they'll return to their duties.

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