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Leo Daily Career Horoscope

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(23 Jul - 22 Aug)

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Today's Career Horoscope For Leo
Today: Monday - February 20, 2017

Communication solves problems. When you're stuck in the lurch with a project, talking it over with a friend can provide some necessary distance, and brainstorming together will help you consider new possibilities.

Tomorrow's Career Horoscope For Leo
Tomorrow: Tuesday - February 21, 2017

You have to penetrate more deeply beneath the surface to arrive at the core of truth that lies therein. Your insights will be sharp enough to start the job, but you will need to have strong willpower to finish.

Yesterday's Career Horoscope For Leo
Yesterday: Sunday - February 19, 2017

Even fancy dancing won't discourage unwanted attention today. Sometimes you have to shake a leg and mash a few toes to keep that certain someone from trying to two-step you onto the floor.

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