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Leo Teen Daily Horoscope

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(23 Jul - 22 Aug)

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Today's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Today: Tuesday - March 28, 2017

Power conflicts may arise today but think of different approaches. Try ice cream instead of screams, humility instead of righteousness. Being adaptable and patient will pay off wondrously.

Tomorrow's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Tomorrow: Wednesday - March 29, 2017

You want to feel in control, but sometimes you can guide a situation with a firmer hand if you cede some responsibilities to others. Always delegate. You're a better leader than you give yourself credit for.

Yesterday's Teen Horoscope For Leo
Yesterday: Monday - March 27, 2017

During the day, you'll race through the hallways like a baby zebra on wobbly legs. You're so adorable that no one will mind if you stray outside your designated area. At night, you'll gain a genuine sense of motivation.

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