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Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope From Yesterday

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(22 Nov - 21 Dec)

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Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Sagittarius
Yesterday: Sunday - February 19, 2017

Daily Flirt

Now's a great time to get involved in some new activity. After all, you and your friends are at the center of the universe right now. They've all suddenly remembered how awesome you are, so you have unusual sway over big decisions. Go for it!

Daily Singles

You're not always cool with your single status, but today, you should embrace every fiber of it. Just think of all the things you couldn't do if you were hooked up with someone. Call in sick tomorrow and take a trip. Do something crazy and fun -- let freedom ring!

Daily Couples

Getting the answer you want depends on the question you are asking. Think very carefully about what you want the end result to be. Whatever you do, don't spew unedited emotions at your partner.

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