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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For August

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(23 Oct - 21 Nov)

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Monthly Horoscope For Scorpio
Horoscope Prediction For The Whole Month Of August 2017

Can you feel all eyes turn toward you when you walk into the room on August 1st? Your powerful, magnetic personality can’t be ignored, so you shouldn’t try to deny it. Own it, Scorpio. You have trouble syncing up with the important people in your life on the 7th and 8th, which could cause problems at home or on the job. If just one area of your life is off track, it’s hard to get the others to fall in line. Take care of important business before trying to move on to lesser priorities. You take a straightforward approach on the 14th and 15th, and if that causes you to fall behind in a competition, well then, so be it. You strive to remain honest above all else, including with winning. Your attitude might not be understood, but it’s always respected. You’re ready to lend a hand to anyone who asks for one on August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, which could lead to you being taken advantage of. But you’d rather be able to sleep at night knowing you tried to do the right thing than worry about whether you could have or should have done anything differently.

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