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Taurus Daily Love Horoscope For Today

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(20 Apr - 20 May)

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Today's Love Horoscope For Taurus
Today: Thursday - October 27, 2016

Daily Flirt

This is not the time to keep your feelings bottled in -- let them out before they explode! Even if it feels like you're bringing everyone down, you still need to be honest so you can all move past this.

Daily Singles

It's a good thing the other people around you have their heads on straight. You're totally impulsive and without sane minds to keep you out of trouble, you could end up in a padded room. Before you continue with your antics, you owe someone a thank-you.

Daily Couples

The response you get back from you lover today will let you know they've been listening to what you've been telling them. Be sure to show your appreciation for their attentiveness.

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