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Taurus Daily Love Horoscope From Yesterday

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(20 Apr - 20 May)

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Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Taurus
Yesterday: Thursday - October 20, 2016

Daily Flirt

You need to take it easy today -- or at least dig in your heels to avoid the crazy pushing that seems to be coming from an unexpected direction! You've got your own way of doing things, and no good reason to change.

Daily Singles

When you're so committed to maintaining the status quo, you forget about all the wonderful facets of your personality. Don't be so one-dimensional. Branch out and pursue your other passions. If you don't belong to a social club, join one today.

Daily Couples

There's no need to wait for your partner to make the first move. Today is the day to be bold and get something started. When you're spontaneous, they can't help but get in the mood.

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